Puffing Billy Tour

10 Hours

All aboard a historic steam train! The Puffing Billy Tour whisks you away on a scenic journey through the enchanting Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne. Travel aboard open-sided carriages, offering unbeatable views of lush rainforests, charming townships, and towering Mountain Ash trees. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and soak up the nostalgia of a bygone era on this delightful Puffing Billy steam train adventure.

Charter Tour Price:

Adult (16+): $100 Per Person
Child (0-15): $80 Per Person

Private Tour Price:

Private Tour (1 – 3) Person = $850
Private Tour (4 – 7) Person = $1000

Group Tour Price:

Small Group Tour (7-13) Person = $1300
Mid Group (14-24) Person = $2250
Large Group (25-33) Person = $2950
Extra Large Group (34-49) Person = $4000

Departure Time: Daily

Between 7:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Tour Duration: 10 Hours

Meeting point:

Anywhere in Melbourne CBD
Any Hotel in Melbourne CBD
Keilor Downs VIC 3038, Australia

Our Touring Vehicles:

4 Seat European Car
7 Seat Mercedes Van
11 Seat Luxury Van
14 Seat Standard Minibus
14 Seat Premium Minibus
24 Seat Standard Bus
24 Seat Premium Bus
33 Seat Standard Coach
33 Seat Premium Coach
49 Seat Standard Coach
49 Seat Premium Coach


Experience the Magic of Puffing Billy: A Memorable Tour from Melbourne

Welcome aboard the journey of a lifetime as we embark on a captivating adventure to experience the enchanting allure of the Puffing Billy Railway. At Melbourne Limo Vans and Buses, we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the nostalgia and beauty of one of Victoria’s most iconic tourist attractions. Join us as we traverse through lush forests, towering fern gullies, and picturesque countryside aboard the historic steam train known affectionately as Puffing Billy.

Our Puffing Billy Tour promises a day filled with wonder, excitement, and breathtaking scenery as we depart from Melbourne and journey into the heart of the Dandenong Ranges. This full-day excursion offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing you to relax and unwind amidst the serene beauty of nature.

Tour Itinerary:

  • Departure from Melbourne: Our tour begins with a convenient pickup from your accommodation in Melbourne aboard one of our comfortable and well-appointed vehicles. Choose from our fleet of minibuses, vans, buses, or coaches, depending on the size of your group, and settle in for a scenic drive through the outskirts of the city.
  • Journey to the Dandenong Ranges: As we leave behind the urban landscape of Melbourne, we’ll soon find ourselves surrounded by the natural splendor of the Dandenong Ranges. Sit back and enjoy the picturesque views of rolling hills, verdant forests, and charming villages as we make our way towards our destination.
  • Arrival at Belgrave Station: Upon arrival at Belgrave Station, the starting point of the Puffing Billy Railway, you’ll be greeted by the sight of the magnificent steam locomotive awaiting its passengers. Take a moment to capture some photos and soak in the nostalgic atmosphere before boarding the train.
  • Puffing Billy Steam Train Ride: Step aboard the beautifully restored carriages of Puffing Billy and prepare to be transported back in time to an era of steam-powered travel. As the train whistle blows and the engine comes to life, you’ll feel a sense of excitement and anticipation as we set off on our scenic journey through the lush fern gullies and towering eucalyptus forests of the Dandenong Ranges.
  • Enchanting Scenery and Photo Stops: Throughout the journey, be sure to keep your camera handy as we pass by breathtaking vistas, cascading waterfalls, and charming rural landscapes. Our experienced tour guide will provide informative commentary about the history, heritage, and natural wonders of the region, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of the surroundings.
  • Stop at Menzies Creek Station: Midway through the journey, we’ll make a brief stop at Menzies Creek Station, where you’ll have the opportunity to disembark, stretch your legs, and explore the station precinct. Take a leisurely stroll along the platform, browse the souvenir shop for unique gifts and memorabilia, or simply soak in the ambiance of this historic railway station.
  • Return Journey to Belgrave: After a memorable ride on Puffing Billy, we’ll retrace our route back to Belgrave Station, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Dandenong Ranges once again. Relax and savor the tranquil atmosphere as we wind our way through the verdant countryside, with the rhythmic chug of the steam engine providing a soothing soundtrack to our journey.
  • Lunch Break (Not Provided): Please note that lunch, snacks, and refreshments are not included as part of the tour package. However, there are several options available at Belgrave Station and nearby cafes and restaurants where you can purchase meals to enjoy at your leisure.
  • Return to Melbourne: As our unforgettable day comes to a close, we’ll bid farewell to the magical world of Puffing Billy and begin our journey back to Melbourne. Reflect on the memories made and the sights seen as we navigate the scenic route back to the city, with drop-off at your accommodation marking the end of our tour.

Tour Inclusions:

  • Transportation: Enjoy hassle-free transportation to and from Melbourne in one of our comfortable and well-equipped vehicles.
  • Tour Guide: Benefit from the expertise and knowledge of our experienced tour guide, who will provide insightful commentary and enhance your understanding of the sights and attractions visited.
  • Admission Fees: Please note that admission fees, tickets, and entry fees for Puffing Billy Railway are not included as part of the tour package. Guests are responsible for purchasing their own tickets directly from Puffing Billy Railway.

Tour Exclusions:

  • Lunch, snacks, and refreshments are not provided as part of the tour package. Guests are encouraged to bring their own food and beverages or purchase meals at available stops along the way.
  • Admission fees, tickets, and entry fees for Puffing Billy Railway are not included in the tour price. Guests are responsible for purchasing their own tickets directly from Puffing Billy Railway.

Additional Information:

  • Comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear are recommended, as we’ll be exploring outdoor environments and walking short distances.
  • Please bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Cameras and smartphones are highly encouraged to capture the scenic beauty and memorable moments of the tour.


Join us on an unforgettable journey to experience the magic of Puffing Billy, where nostalgia meets nature in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges. With Melbourne Limo Vans and Buses, you’ll enjoy a seamless and stress-free tour experience, complete with comfortable transportation, expert guidance, and the opportunity to create lasting memories with friends, family, or fellow travelers. Book your Puffing Billy Tour today and prepare to embark on a captivating adventure that will leave you with a renewed appreciation for Victoria’s natural beauty and rich heritage.

Tour Includes

  • Pickup from your choice of Melbourne CBD location
  • Transportation by Minibus, Premium Bus and Standard Coaches
  • Roundtrip airconditioned transportation
  • Air conditioned vehicle
  • Bottled water

Tour Excludes

  • Gratuities
  • Food and drinks
  • Entry Ticket
  • Personal amenities such as hat, caps, sunscreen, umbrella etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Puffing Billy Tour?

The Puffing Billy Tour is a scenic journey aboard a vintage steam train through the beautiful Dandenong Ranges National Park, located just outside of Melbourne.

How long is the Puffing Billy Tour?

The Puffing Billy Tour is (8 – 10) hours, with return travel time from Melbourne. The exact duration can vary depending on the specific tour package you choose.

What does the Puffing Billy Tour include?

Most Puffing Billy Tours include your train ticket, transportation to and from Melbourne, and commentary from a knowledgeable guide. Some tours may also include additional features like lunch at a local cafe or entry to a park attraction.

Where does the Puffing Billy Tour depart from?

Puffing Billy departs from Belgrave Station in the Dandenong Ranges. Melbourne Limo Vans and Buses will pick you up from a convenient location in Melbourne and transport you to Belgrave Station for the tour.

Are there different Puffing Billy Tours available?

Yes, there are different Puffing Billy Tours available to cater to different interests and budgets. Some tours offer a simple journey on the train, while others may include additional activities like visiting a wildlife sanctuary or exploring a local market.

Is the Puffing Billy Tour suitable for young children?

Absolutely! The Puffing Billy Tour is a great experience for children of all ages. The train ride is exciting, and the surrounding scenery is beautiful. Most tours are family-friendly and offer amenities for children.

What should I wear on the Puffing Billy Tour?

Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended, as there may be some walking involved. Dress according to the weather conditions, as the Dandenong Ranges can be cooler than Melbourne itself.

What food and drinks are available on the Puffing Billy Tour?

Some Puffing Billy Tours may include a meal or snacks. There are also cafes and kiosks located at both Belgrave and Lakeside stations where you can purchase food and drinks.

Is there accessibility for people with disabilities on the Puffing Billy Tour?

Accessibility options may vary depending on the specific tour. It’s recommended to contact Melbourne Limo Vans and Buses directly to inquire about accessibility on your chosen Puffing Billy Tour.

From $100
/ Adult
From $80
/ Child